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Staging Vacant Homes

If your property will be vacant while it’s on the market, Synergy Staging will add warmth and style to the empty spaces with just the right furnishings and décor. Our staging will make buyers feel at home and allow them to imagine themselves living in the space.

We will schedule a short visit to view your property where we will take photos and measurements to determine the best staging options for the home. We will then provide a free no obligation Staging Proposal for your review generally within 24 hours.

The staging fee varies, as every property is unique. The fee depends on the number and size of rooms to be staged, the amount of furnishings for the home, as well as location and accessibility.

The Initial Staging Investment covers the first month of staging and includes the following:

Staging design
Selection of furnishings
Packing and loading
Inventory delivery
Staging installation
Furnishings rental
De-staging the property

There is a monthly renewal rate, if necessary, for the furnishings rental based on the amount of furniture and accessories that we use in the home.

Once the Staging Proposal is approved, we formalize the staging plan with a written agreement and schedule a date for the staging. Please note that staging dates are not confirmed until the signed agreement is returned.

In some cases a Verbal Staging Consultation may be necessary to prepare the property prior to staging in order to address issues that may have a negative impact on potential buyers. This may include general cleaning, cosmetic fixes, painting, floor coverings, etc., in order to ensure that staging will contribute to a successful outcome.