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Are Home Purchases Emotional Decisions?

Buying a home is almost always a purchase ultimately based on emotion. Why is that?

Most buyers have a set of criteria that are not negotiable. They have a budget that determines how much money they can spend, they need a certain amount of bedrooms, and desire to live in a particular city or neighborhood. These can’t be changed. Someone who is going to purchase a home for $250,000.00 cannot be pursuaded to buy a home for $400,000.00, it’s just not possible. Families with certain numbers of children or space requirements won’t buy a one bedroom home if they need a three bedroom home. And location is typically determined by school district, work, or other factors.

Once a buyer knows their criteria, there is a limited number of homes on the market that will be a good fit for them. This is where properly preparing a home and staging make all the difference. Your listing must stand out above the others in the neighborhood. 90% of buyers start their searches online and base their initial impressions on online photos. Empty or messy rooms are not appealing and may discourage buyers from coming to what may be a wonderful home. Staging not only defines a space so you know what you’re looking at, but also helps buyers envision living in the home. See the bedroom below.

BLOG B-BCan you even tell what room this is?

BLOG B-AAfter staging, this master bedroom comes to life

Time and time again homes that are staged sell quicker than non-staged homes and typically for more money. Buyers want homes that are prepared well so they can move right in. No one is looking to paint, fix, or touch up. Taking care of these things before going on the market greatly increases the chance your home will not linger on the market.

BLOG LR-BThis great room feels cold and the space configuration can be overwhelming to a buyer

BLOG LR-AAfter staging, this beautiful modern space feels cozy and inviting. This home sold the first day on the market with multiple offers.


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