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Selling Your Home Quickly in Portland

Many people wonder – why isn’t my property selling? There are as many answers to that questions as there are unsold properties on the market.

However, our Portland Home Staging Company has seen time and time again how three basic steps can make the difference between a quick sale and a property that lingers on the market. While you may think that these would be done with every property, there are many currently listed properties that have skipped one of these steps.

Here are a few pictures of a property that Synergy Staging recently staged in West Linn Oregon:

Living Room staged by Synergy Staging in West Linn

Bedroom staged by Synergy Staging in West Linn

This was a newly constructed home that was staged before it was put on the market. Even though it was at a $500,000 price point which isn’t typically a fast sale, it sold at the very first Open House. What was the secret? The secret is the Three P’s:

1) PreparationBuyers want properties that are move-in ready. With so much competition on the market, it is imperative that your property be prepared well. That includes having it professionally cleaned so it looks immaculate. There should be no outstanding cosmetic issues or eyesores that distract from the positive impression of the home. Having a Staging Consultation for an occupied home is highly recommended so you can get a buyer’s perspective on the house and receive expert recommendations to ensure that your house show it’s absolute best.

2) PresentationA staged home always looks better than a vacant home. This is a business of first impressions, and staging creates the perfect atmosphere that welcomes buyers and lets them see the potential of living in the property. A home is typically your most valuable asset, and it should be treated as such when marketing it for sale. An investment in staging has been proven to sell homes quicker and for more money.

3) Price – Everyone knows that we are in the midst of a buyer’s market. As a result you must price your home realistically to be in line with what the comps and neighborhood will support. This does not mean that you give it away, but price is a major factor in a quick sale. There is no use in chasing the market with price reductions if you start too high. One thing to remember is that following the first two steps will allow you to price the home at a higher price point.

Following these steps will help increase your chances of a quick sale.  Contact a local home staging company to assist you when selling your property.

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